Chez Tonya

Chez Tonya Hawkes ... mixed up tribal and ocean art with drawings dada and naive suggestions; deco furniture and light palettes on the walls; delicate, enveloping, precious colors, like a breath of fresh and intoxicating air... the whole pervaded by an exotic spirituality and at the same time by the need to remain anchored to an earthly dimension, to feel 'grounded', to rediscover the point of contact with one's ancestral roots.  So ... lots of wood, natural, massive, in the large tables a bit austere, in the details that run between the drawers, the wardrobes ... the decorations ... a feeling of masculine sign in a universe where femininity is sovereign.

The harmony and rigor of lines and shapes and the repetition of essential, geometric patterns, which run along the wall as well as in the organization of places, make the space and every object it contains become wonderfully organic and contemporary. Place of light and air, but also of earth; built around a multifaceted personality, an intoxicating mix of worlds, cultures, thoughts .... Scottish father, Danish mother, raised in Seattle ... Tonya collects the most diverse suggestions and becomes a witness ... a harmony of looks that make themselves gesture in her clutches - each a work of art in itself, precious casket of thoughts that translate into emotion to the touch ... memories and hopes of a summer evening or a night to remember ... absolute essence of femininity but also synthesis of strength and of primary elements and masculine flavor. a world - ours - where there are no longer borders ... except those with a mind ... A bit of Tonya Hawkes in each of them for a collection in which to get lost with that wonder and wonder that is part of the dream. - Eli Genuizzi Sassoli de 'Bianchi